//Apple Say IOS 15.2 Didn’t Switch Off ICloud Private Relay

Apple Say IOS 15.2 Didn’t Switch Off ICloud Private Relay

Apple has rejected that last month’s iOS 15.2 update is behind the trouble a few iPhone proprietors have confronted with utilizing the iCloud Private Relay highlight on cell organizations. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile recently said they weren’t hindering the VPN-like component; however, T-Mobile claimed to have recognized that iOS 15.2 flipped it off, of course.

Now Apple says that’s not the case. After releasing an updated iOS 15.3 that clarifies the language in iCloud settings, Apple issued a statement to 9to5Mac saying that iOS 15.2 wasn’t the problem. “No changes were made to iCloud Private Relay in iOS 15.2 that would have toggled the feature off,” the statement reads. “Users are encouraged to check their Settings to see if Private Relay is enabled on their device or for a specific network.”

T-Mobile has also followed up with 9to5Mac to say that iOS 15.2 didn’t toggle the feature off after all. “Apple doesn’t change customers’ settings when they update to iOS 15.2,” the carrier says in a statement. “Customers may see an error message if they previously toggled iCloud Private Relay or Limit IP Address Tracking off in their Cellular Data Options Settings.”

It’s as yet not clear what created the entirety of this turmoil. Yet, the transporters do say they’re not impeding iCloud Private Relay (except some T-Mobile plans that incorporate substance separating administrations), so it’s worth twofold taking a look at your cell settings to ensure everything’s how it ought to be. When the public rendition of iOS 15.3 is out, the language in settings won’t, by and large, let you know that your cell plan doesn’t uphold the element.

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