//Apple-Exclusive Traffic App ETA Is Finally Available For CarPlay

Apple-Exclusive Traffic App ETA Is Finally Available For CarPlay

Many iPhone users love ETA, an Apple-exclusive app dedicated to showing accurate commute times and traffic conditions for your planned excursions. The app has been available on iPhone and Apple Watch for some time, but strangely sidestepped CarPlay functionality. That changes with version 2.7 of the app. 

“We’re excited to announce that with this version we’re introducing support for Apple Car Play. That’s right, now you have all your favourite locations on the dash of your car. Open ETA in CarPlay to see travel time and traffic conditions,” the app’s changelog reads.

The update brings ETA to your car’s in-dash unit with hard-to-miss labels showing estimates to your favorite and frequently visited locations. You can also view these destinations on a map, or view conditions for addresses tied to upcoming calendar events, complete with recommended leave times to help you maximize your day. One tap will get you started with directions in Apple Maps. You can download the update right now at the Apple App Store. It should appear in your list of CarPlay apps the next time your phone syncs with your vehicle.

Why not just use Apple Maps?

ETA’s existence might seem odd for those relying on navigation apps like Apple Maps or Google Maps. You’re not alone in wondering why you should use an app that essentially duplicates their functionality. These navigation apps have built-in travel conditions and leave time suggestions already. But Apple Maps is a jack of all trades, and it doesn’t quite master this need as ETA does. There’s good reason to try it if you’re a road warrior. ETA has a dedicated watchOS app that allows you to add complications for common destinations on your watch face and real-time updates on your progress. 

On iPhone, you’ll get home screen widgets for quickly glanceable guidance on when to leave, whether traveling by car, public transit, cycling, or walking. It also added the ability to easily share your arrival time with friends and family via messaging. You can use Siri to ask for directions and estimated arrival times hands-free on both devices. Other features, like seamless integration with your calendar, puts ETA over the top for its specific purpose.