//Android 13 Preview Shows How Pixel Phones Could Stream Apps To Your PC

Android 13 Preview Shows How Pixel Phones Could Stream Apps To Your PC

Google’s January layout uncovered plans to burn through 2022, attempting to make the Android and Chrome OS experience match Apple’s biological system reconciliations, including a component that would reflect an informing application from your Android telephone on your Chromebook. Much obliged to 9to5Google, which did some delving in the late delivered Android 13 designer review, we could have an early check out what that component will resemble.

Given what 9to5Google found, Google will empower streaming applications to your PC. What’s more, the component could wind up dealing with non-Chrome OS PCs, as well, as 9to5Google says it utilized the web application required on both Chrome OS and on Windows 11.

Here’s how the feature works, according to 9to5Google:

Your Pixel generates an entirely separate virtual display, which is streamed to your laptop or desktop, rather than simply mirroring your phone’s portrait screen. This second display is where your messaging apps will appear. This means you can have an app open on your laptop/desktop without disrupting any apps running on your phone’s main screen.

And it isn’t just messaging — you’ll be able to open any of your phone’s apps:

At the bottom left, there’s a menu button that, when clicked, reveals the full list of apps installed on your phone. With this menu, you can launch any app on your phone, not just the messaging apps. In effect, your entire phone is accessible through Pixel’s cross-device streaming.

9to5Google’s article has a few recordings and screen captures that work effectively, flaunting what this application may be able to do, and I energetically prescribe you look at the story to see it in real life.

9to5Google also got cross-gadget streaming empowered on Chrome OS. However, it appears to be the distribution was ready to get an informing application working.

Likewise, with any element being developed, there’s dependably the opportunity that what 9to5Google found changes in front of public delivery. Also, given that we’ve just barely gotten the very first Android 13 designer review, there’s certainly a likelihood that things will look or capacity much distinctively if or when these elements become accessible. In any case, what 9to5Google found appears to be very encouraging.

Google didn’t quickly answer to a solicitation for input.

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