//Adjust Your Home Or Office A/C From Anywhere With This Smart Home Device

Adjust Your Home Or Office A/C From Anywhere With This Smart Home Device

It’s starting to heat up outside, which means that your home or office is about to get uncomfortable or very expensive to keep cool. Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about cost-effective solutions to the heat, like the Cielo Breez Eco Smart A/C Controller.

This Wi-Fi-enabled intelligent A/C controller turns your air conditioner or heat pump into an intelligent, easily manageable resource. With the controller, you can control your new or old air conditioner anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone. Cielo Breez Eco works with all ductless air conditioning systems that use an IR-based remote control, like mini-split, portable, or window air conditioners.

With Cielo Breez Eco, you can employ intelligent features like scheduling, global control, location-based control, automation, and more to ensure you’re optimizing your home or office’s temperature at all times. No more just blasting the A/C all day without ever really cooling down. If you’re out and about and heading back to the office in an hour, turn the A/C on before you return to ensure it’s nice and comfortable inside. You can also set daily or weekly air conditioning schedules according to your preferred times. It even works with voice commands thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, and Samsung SmartThings.

Additionally, you can monitor the live cleanliness level of your A/C’s air filter from everywhere and save up to 25% on your electricity costs. No wonder it’s earned 4.3/5 stars on Amazon.

Take your home or office temperature into greater control. Usually $99, you can get the Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller for just $54.40 today with promo code: WELOVEMOM. You can also upgrade to the Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller for $149 at just $87.20 with promo code: WELOVEMOM.

Prices subject to change.

Adjust Your Home or Office AC From Anywhere with This Smart Home Device

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