//A Handy Trick To Zoom In And Out Of Google Maps

A Handy Trick To Zoom In And Out Of Google Maps

Did you have any idea that Google Maps has a clever little stunt that allows you to change zoom with only one finger? Since I certain as damnation didn’t until yesterday when a tweet from Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyel alerted me to its presence through a years-old YouTube video from 2013. The alternate route is basic: simply twofold tap the guide’s interface, however rather than lifting your finger after the subsequent tap (the easy route for zooming in), you leave it contacting the screen. Then, at that point, a swipe up zooms out, and a swipe down zooms in. Flawless right?

With this information, you can bid farewell to clumsily hanging on and attempting to utilize two fingers to reposition the guide to check your bearings when your other hand is occupied with holding a canine rope, espresso mug, shopping sack, or whatever. By and by I’m anticipating utilizing it whenever I’m on a bicycle and need to whip out my telephone to rapidly look at bearings. Not any more taking two hands off the handlebars for this person. No sir.

I haven’t done a comprehensive pursuit, yet it resembles this element is ordinary across planning applications. It works on Google Maps on both Android and iOS and works in different iOS planning applications like Apple Maps and CityMapper. Have a good time!

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