//8BitDo’s Latest Retro Receiver Lets You Play PS1 & PS2 With Modern Controllers

8BitDo’s Latest Retro Receiver Lets You Play PS1 & PS2 With Modern Controllers

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One of the most difficult aspects of playing your old consoles is using their controllers. It can be challenging to get reaccustomed to playing with wired controllers instead of the wireless ones that have become the industry norm. Thankfully, if you’re a retro PlayStation enthusiast, you no longer have to deal with that hassle. That’s thanks to gaming peripheral manufacturer 8BitDo and its latest Retro Receiver dongle, which is priced at $24.99 and already available on Amazon.

The receiver was announced on 8BitDo’s official Twitter/X account; it joins the company’s existing Retro Receivers for other popular classic consoles like the SNES and NES. This new model is compatible with both PlayStation 1 and 2 consoles, PCs running Windows 10/11, and various modern wireless controllers — at least one of which you probably already own.

Introducing 8BitDo Retro Receiver for PS. Play PS1 and PS2 with your favorite controller. Compatible with Xbox One, Series, and Elite controllers, DualShock4, DualSense, Wii U Pro, Switch Pro controllers, and more. Plug-and-play, lag-free.

Get yours now:https://t.co/0nrEdyxNQ8 pic.twitter.com/bR8haBKbBS

— 8BitDo (@8BitDo) August 9, 2023

The concept is simple: just plug the Retro Receiver into the PlayStation’s wired controller port and turn on your compatible modern wireless controller. From there, you’re ready to replay your PS1 and PS2 favorites. From a purely aesthetic perspective, the receiver appears to blend right in with the classic PS1 console. While a tad more obvious on the more edgy and sleek PS2, it also appears to fit right in with its ports. This announcement comes after the release of 8BitDo’s first mechanical keyboard.

A potential win for retro gamers

As previously mentioned, the Retro Receiver is advertised as compatible with various different controllers, including 8BitDo’s own collection. Yes, this includes the company’s Arcade Stick v3, which means that if you have ever dreamed of completing the 1998 PS1 title “Metal Gear Solid” with an arcade peripheral, you’re in luck. The PS5 DualSense and PS4 DualShock controllers are among the supported models, as well as various Xbox and Nintendo Switch options.

However, PS2 purists may recall that some games took advantage of the pressure-sensitive buttons included on the console’s controller. Due to the compatible controllers not having similar sensitivity, it’s unlikely that the gameplay experience will be exactly the same. While we wait for one-to-one emulation across platforms to be perfected, retro gamers can take solace in companies like 8BitDo making strides to ensure that older consoles are still playable for years to come. 8BitDo’s products have largely been praised by both customers and critics, and the anticipation for the latest Retro Receiver reflects as much. As of right now, no reviews of the receiver have been published due to it just arriving on the market. That being said, it likely won’t be long until we get some first reactions online.