//8 Social Media Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2022 And Beyond

8 Social Media Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2022 And Beyond

Social media is considered to be the most intuitive way to diversity the network throughout. No matter what but it’s kind of so common to take advantage of social media to build up the brand and to evolve it likewise as per convenience.

According to research can be found at over 75% of social media influencers are generating revenue by performing several activities. Along with that, the trend of social media is constantly increasing day by day for a very good reason i.e. marketing. Brands are getting aware of social media marketing.

One big advantage you get from social media is to get in touch with the people belonging to your domain. And simply you can pitch them for better relevance. So if you’re a bit conscious of using social media effectively them make sure to stick with the post till the end. As here I’m to serve you in detailed info about social media marketing trends that one could follow.

Disclaimer:- Before we dive into the list of trends it’s kind of essential to tell you that these are just predictions so make sure to study them individually before taking it to the very important execution.

Why Do You Need Social Media For Marketing?

Undoubtedly every person (of every age) is now familiar with social media whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And one can easily take advantage of it at a higher pace.

It’s almost been 5-6 years since the trend of social media usage is evolving just because people started noticing the positive side of social media which can help most businesses to grow at a higher level.

When we talk about marketing it’s harsh but true that people usually get treated towards what they usually notice in front of them. And nowadays as people are using social media insanely so the changes in marketing get increasing. And that’s what we used to call social media marketing.

Most of the influencers on social media are having a huge approach towards monetizing their social media by getting in touch with the brands and brands get the opportunity to reach out to every single creator out there by grabbing their audience’s attention.

How To Use Social Media For Marketing?

This might be the most asked question that may hit your mind for sure.

If you’re using social media for quite some time before then you might have noticed that people often get involved in the thing they like the most or they found it to be more relatable to their genre. Brands are getting more involved in social media.

This is a kind of mutual product, so if you’re supposed to scale up the business by branding and marketing it can be done via social media marketing which is efficient and can be done by anyone. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy for the best results.

There are several active ways of processing social media marketing that has been outdated so it’s time for something new and fresh. To help you out, I’ve compiled the list of the 8 best social media marketing prediction that’s truly valid for 2022. So make sure to stick with the post till the end.

What Are The Best Social Media Marketing Trends & Predictions For 2022?

Following are the best social media marketing trends and predictions that one could proceed with:-

Video Content

10 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

In many instances, videos perform better than static posts on social media. In some instances, Instagram videos were able to get twice the engagement as posts with photos.

According to analysis according to one study, up to 82% of content online will be video-based in 2022. TikTok is an online social network that is dedicated to short videos.

For the initial three months in 2020 TikTok had been used more than 315 million times across the globe breaking the record for downloads in a quarter for any application. The other social media firms are developing more possibilities for short-form video posts. To be competitive with TikTok, Instagram launched Instagram Reels in 2020.

YouTube also launched the new feature for 2020. It’s called YouTube shorts in 2020, which is a TikTok along with Instagram Reels rival. YouTube Shorts allows users to upload videos of 15 seconds.

Although it’s still just beginning to take shape, YouTube Shorts is already receiving 15 billion views per day around the world. While the number of short-form video options is expanding, a longer video is not going away for the moment. As more people became onto the internet during the epidemic Live streams were being used to host public events and gatherings.

The live streaming industry increased 100 percent in the year 2020 and is predicted to increase through 2021 as well. The most popular live-streaming platform in 2020 was Twitch and Twitch, which has grown by 50 percent between March and April in addition to 101% throughout. Users spend around 1.645 million hours watching videos on YouTube every month.

Online Shopping


Since shopping was becoming more online during the outbreak the social media sites were a growing online shopping site. The amount of buyers who use social commerce within the US has been growing by 25.2 percent to more than 80 million, and that the number of people is expected to surpass 100 million by 2023.

As many as 18 percent of US users clicked the “buying” option on social media sites this year, as compared with 13% in 2019. Also, 6 percent of US consumers bought products through a store-able social media post in 2020, which is a significant increase from only 12% in 2019. The younger generation is significantly more likely to buy from social websites.

Approximately 37 percent of people aged 15-22 pressed the “buying” or “buying” option on social networks. 30% bought something via a shoppable online social media post. Instagram is among the most popular social e-commerce platforms. In the real world, as much even 70 percent of people use Instagram to find a product. In addition, approximately 90 percent of Instagram users are on at least one business account. But, Facebook leads the way as the preferred option for commerce on the web.

in 2020 Facebook introduced Facebook Shops to its collection of shopping tools. These comprise Facebook Marketplace with shoppable advertising. Facebook Shops allows users to build a single online store that can be purchased via Facebook and Instagram. Additional social platforms are expected to join the field shortly. For instance, towards the close of 2019, TikTok started experimenting with links to its products.

For instance, Facebook Messenger enables over 2 billion messages to be exchanged every month between business and consumer. Facebook Shops allows customers to reach businesses through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct and to make purchases directly through these chats. The consumer is increasingly dependent on shopping on social networks and buying features.

A study suggests that a 33percent of users prefer interaction with a customer service representative on social media, rather than via telephone or email.

Social Media Growth

Over 72 percent of Americans were using social media at the end of 2020, which is a 4.3 percent increase over the year before. Social media usage in Canada is higher than ever as more than 84 percent of Canadians reported that they have used social media. The number of people who use social media increasing, but the number of social media users is also growing.

However, the number of time users spend on social media sites is also growing. On average, users spent around 140 minutes on social media per day. This is approximately an hour more than the time people spent on social media during 2012. In the end, usage of social media (including messaging apps such as Whatsapp) increased by 21% worldwide during the pandemic.

That is why social media is becoming an increasingly sought-after channel for marketers. The growing dependence of the world on social networks (and their algorithms) has led to calls for disconnect and initiatives to cut down on the reliance on social media, such as National Day of Unplugging and Digital Minimalism.

However, these efforts will not reverse the upward trend of social media in the near term.

Bit Sized Content


Yes, there is a trend of people using social networks more frequently. But they’re also spending less time on specific posts. Studies suggest that the attention span of the average person today is 8 seconds. Social media users who access content via their computer tend to spend a little more time per item than users using mobile devices.

For instance, people who accessed Facebook from their computer spent on average 2.5 seconds per item of content. Users who visited Facebook on their smartphones were able to spend 1.7 seconds viewing identical content.

Social media platforms are adapting to this trend by providing bite-sized content like short-form videos as well as ephemeral (disappearing) media. In the latter half of 2020 Twitter launched Fleets which is a similar feature to Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Fleets let users post messages or short videos that disappear after 24hrs. Although Fleets has been in operation for a couple of months the initial feedback seems to indicate that the app increases user engagement.

Use of Facebook

Facebook continues to be the most widely used social networking platform around the globe and is closely followed by YouTube. Instagram along with TikTok was the 7th and 4th most used platform around the globe. Despite negative media coverage, the growth of Facebook continues to grow.

The site currently has 1.845 billion users daily and had around 22 billion total users as of August 20, 2021. The average Facebook user spends an hour on Facebook every day.

In contrast, the typical YouTube user uses the platform for about 40 mins on YouTube. YouTube has approximately 30 million users per day and was home to around 35 billion visitors in August 2021. Instagram boasts 500 million daily active users and had more than 6 billion visitors during August of 2021. The average Instagram user spends fifty-three minutes on Instagram.

Augmented Reality

Snapchat thinks AR will become the new norm in online shopping

The Augmented Reality (AR) market is in its early days. However, it is predicted to accelerate shortly. About four-fifths of people are expected to utilize AR in some way by 2021’s close.

AR VR and VR are predicted to become more commonplace as cell networks get more powerful and faster. In 2023 by 2023, by 2023, the AR market is expected to be creating $70-$75 billion of annual revenues. Social media sites are embracing the trend from the beginning.

AR has been integrated into Instagram’s filters from the year 2017. In the year 2019, Instagram stepped up the AR game further by offering the option to design custom filters.

User-Generated Content

Companies are more often using user-generated content (UGC) in their marketing plans for their social networks. Websites that use HTML0 UGC benefit from a 20 percent increase in visitors returning to their sites and a 95% increase in the time users spend on their websites.

UGC images are 81 percent more likely to be converted.

There are numerous benefits of UGC for companies, such as the fact that it’s more affordable as compared to traditional advertisements and more appealing, and may help brands be seen as more genuine and conscious of social issues.

Use Of Reddit

A decade ago, the classifieds website Craigslist was “unbundled” into a multitude of niche verticals.

Numerous huge businesses were created, with the most notable being Airbnb, Zillow, and Indeed (among numerous others). The same thing is happening to Reddit. It was able to listen to the demands that were expressed by members of the League of Legends gaming subreddit (r/LoL) and then grew on the backs of that community.

Final Verdict

The use of social media is constantly increasing day by day which became a bit difficult to compete. In order to help you out throughout I’ve compiled the best practices you could consider in the up omg year to market the brand at a higher instance. So definitely take it into consideration.