//7 Examples Of ECommerce Brands Rocking Social Media Marketing

7 Examples Of ECommerce Brands Rocking Social Media Marketing

The trade of e-commerce business is constantly increasing day by day, and the only reason behind this is that most of the preface of buying the product by their own without heading of the marketplace. According to the research from that over 96% of Americans purchased the products online last year and every month 80% the most then used to purchase the stuff online. 

Amazon and eBay are a couple of websites responsible for such an incredible explosion of an e-commerce business. People’s mindset has been built in a way where they used to think innovatively and tries to make-of their own brand by the establishment. 

So if you are the one who is in search of the E-Commerce brands that will help you through social media marketing of your own e-commerce website there we should definitely stick with the coastal and just because we have compiled the list of brands that will help you right in the marketing process of your e-commerce store. 

But before that, let me clarify the concept of e-commerce businesses if you are not very familiar with it. 

What is an e-commerce business? 

The e-commerce business is one of the most effective and legitimate business modules that can help you maximize value. Well, when we say an e-commerce business, you might get into the doubt of affiliate marketing, but it is truly different from it just because you own an e-commerce store. You decide what type of product you want to sell out, whereas, in affiliate marketing, you don’t get any product choices. 

Although there are tons of Different techniques that you can use to personalize The E-Commerce store to reach home to as much amount of an audience willing to purchase it online. 

Social media is a good way to start just because there are tons of different influencers available to help you in your own e-commerce Store’s promotion process. People will get to know what exactly you’re serving them. 

There are tons of different E-Commerce brands available on social media that you can connect with to maximize your own brand’s true potential by substantially collaborating with them. 

So let’s get deep into it. 

7 examples of e-commerce brands rocking social media marketing 

Following is the list.



So the first On our list is Guilt, one of the most leading fashion brands that consistently serves the top quality products that one can purchase. If you are the one who is supposed to get rid of the price tag, then you should definitely grab the services offered by gilt as they have the list of products amongst which you’ll get the choice as per the need that’ll surely blow you to maximize the overall authenticity of the business. 

If you’re supposed to get in touch with the Gilt, you can even find it on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to have your own purchases. 

Apart from this, they also provide you with the link with the post to directly get in touch with them and purchase the product you want from the Instagram photo itself. They have a huge demand in the market, and throughout the years, they’ve owned much respect. 

The great thing about gilt is that they’re cost-effective, too, so you don’t have to worry much about wasting an extra penny. 



The next up in our list is surely Etsy, a leading brand in the digital marketing space with over 100k customers who consistently serve the top-notch products. And that’s the reason why they’re termed to be the leading e-commerce store in the market. 

You can get in touch with using social media to have your own purchase depending upon the product you want. They’ve created themselves in various social media platforms that include some leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to get in touch with them. 

Their social sharing skills are quite decent, so you can directly get to know about the product they’re serving just with the help of their posts themselves. They have an engaging audience base due to which you’ll be able to form a good amount of space, and the call to action button is being served to you for better commencement. 

Apart from this, if you’re supposed to get in touch with the specific shop owners, they also have a dedicated Facebook page as well with the help of that, you can grab their attention. They used to provide your free tips as well as due to which can form your own needs.  

For credibility, you can head off to their FAQs section that’ll surely help you sort out the issues just within a while. 



Nowadays, most people are facing and issues regardlessly with the travel agencies, and if you are the one who is supposed to Grab the travel accommodations side, then you should definitely head off to the leading e-commerce store that used to manage all of you’re travel expenses along with the guide, i.e., Airbnb. They have an increasing and beautiful image facility that you can use to make your purchases that will surely encourage you to buy their tickets at the moment. 

When it comes to social media marketing, Airbnb is a great option that you can have an eye upon. This organization majorly focuses on collaboration with Top Notch companies and provides a new and unique travel experience angle. 

They mostly remain active on Twitter just because the user base on Twitter is consistently increasing, so they are willing to acquire as much of the market by engaging them; it will help you grab decent package facilities depending on the budget. 

On Instagram, they’ve collaborated with tons of micro-influencers so that you can get in touch with them and maximize the true potential of the followers and the business pattern they’re following straight away. Airbnb is a great example for each one of the people who are just getting started with their e-commerce Store because they have accumulated as much of an audience just within a short period of time time. 

Similarly, when it comes to Facebook, they’re trying to maximize the brand value by serving the best possible and engaging content to the audience. 

Love your melon 


In case if you are a regular reader of social media content, then you should definitely have an eye upon the love your melon; it’s just because in a short period of time, they have acquired as much amount of Marketplace, and that’s the reason why most of the people can found then on various social media platforms. 

Specifically, it has been found that they are the social worker was supposed to help if one of the children on across the globe who are facing the disease like cancer and provided the special activities together. The 50% of the net worth they’re serving to the organization they are accumulated With And partnered with the e-commerce with them associated with as many people on across the globe who are consistently serving them a good amount of money. 

They have already acquired the Marketplace of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, so make sure to check them out and curse the similar way to form an e-commerce business just by serving the happiness I’m one’s face. 

They have a better practice of storytelling so that you’ll get to know what exactly they’re trying to convey through their posts as they have a good amount of user base on each of the social media platforms. 



HauteLook’s owner is Nordstrom, and it is the best shopping website where one can find as many different products displayed in a limited amount of time. They have collaborated with tons of different marketers in the market. That’s why most people like to purchase the products they have accumulated with the micro-influencers on social media platforms so that people will get to know what they are serving. 

You did a major focus is upon the fashion deleted products so you can get in touch with them using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as well so that to know what that is they used to interact with the audience. So if you are supposed to maximize your true potential after e-commerce business, make sure to have an eye upon it. 

You will also learn how to create custom images just because the organization has built them to get in touch with them in a sophisticated manner. Even if you are at the initial level of an E-commerce website, you definitely have a look at the HauteLook.



The one that takes enthusiastic and gamers, the NewEgg is the perfect solution that features across the globe and serves more than 10 million products. The only reason behind its spits success is that they are serving quality products and services to their uses, and more users are flowing in their way for acquiring much amount of value-based product. 

You can carry them out on various social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. Even if you are just a beginning, it would be easier for you to have an eye on it just because they have a more sophisticated plan based product that’ll teach you a lot about e-commerce businesses.

Since 2006 they are constantly serving value-based content on YouTube like unboxing, reviews, interviews, live event coverages, etc. This type of content helps them to maximize the true potential of their usage. Also, let me tell you that they’ve over 450,000 subscribers on youtube, which is a good thing. 



Last but definitely not the least is Redbubble, which is a good thing that will help you out to know the business pattern to use to follow to serve the best quality services to the clients. It becomes difficult for most beginners to start their own e-commerce at the early stage of the start, but if you have the right strategy, it will be easier for you to gain as much attention towards your brand in a short period of time. The Redbubble is a great example that you can have, and I opened it to know what major factors they used to follow to market their product. 

The research has acquired over 400000 convergence throat and ears and featured valuable and informative posts on various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. 

You calculate your brand with this organization’s help because of the most important tips to follow through the benefits that one can copy. 

Final Verdict 

To start your e-commerce store, there is a requirement of knowledge and experience. Still, it is not possible to hands on to the best possible techniques, so we have analyzed the market and came across several different examples of an e-commerce store that have accumulated the marketplace my serving the best possible product. 

The top brand examples I have shared through this post are considered the topmost bands of all time that you can go through to know about the strategies they used to follow. So make sure to check them out subsequently to know more about it by following similar strategies to grow your e-commerce store as well.