//5 Tricks To Make An Old Android Phone Feel Like New

5 Tricks To Make An Old Android Phone Feel Like New

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The smartphone industry has become quite the whirligig. Manufacturers release new models every other month, each touting their latest drop as better, faster, or sleeker than the competition. As a result, many consumers are convinced that upgrading their devices frequently is necessary to keep up with “new” tech, but of course, that’s not true. While it’s arguable that smartphone innovation has reached its peak, most modern flagship phones are future-proof enough to last you two to four years.

Still, phones are daily companions for most of us; after a while, they start feeling old and boring. If that’s the case with your Android device, you don’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a new one. With a few simple tweaks, you can make an old Android phone look and feel like new again. Most of these modifications won’t set you back any money, and those that might require a financial investment will be worth it, not to mention they still won’t cost as much as a new phone. 

How to make an old Android phone feel (and look) like new

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The first facelift you can try is changing your wallpaper. Your home screen is the first thing you see when you look at your phone, so this is a sure way to keep things interesting. We have a guide to the best wallpaper apps for Android, where you’ll find a variety of fun wallpapers — from adorable pets to sprawling landscapes. You can also make it a practice to swap out your wallpaper at intervals — a simple way to make your home screen more exciting.

Next, try updating Android. Android updates come with security patches and bug fixes that ensure your device runs smoothly, so if your phone is not running on the latest update, you might see problems that are fixed by newer updates. You might also occasionally get swanky new features, fresh custom skins, or a brand-new user interface, all of which can make your Android feel new. To update your OS, open Settings > System > System Update and follow the on-screen prompts.

Third, get a new screen protector and phone case. If you have a cracked, chipped, or scratched screen protector, swap it out with a new one and watch your phone return to life. Also, a new phone case can further enhance the facelift — you can look for those with extra functionality (like waterproof phone cases) to protect your device from spills and splashes.

More ways to give an old Android a facelift

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Another thing that can revamp an old Android is downloading a new launcher. Whether you like to pare things back to a clean, minimalist look or prefer a more elaborate UI to maximize the real estate on your display, you can use launchers to personalize widgets, app drawers, and the general experience on your home screen. We made a list of the best launchers available for Android, so if this is a tip you want to try, that’s an excellent place to start.

Also, try getting a new battery for your Android. All smartphone batteries degrade over time, but an unhealthy battery affects your device’s performance in several significant ways. Degraded batteries will produce a voltage that does not match the power requirement of the chip, which will result in heating. Good smartphones will slow down the chip to control the thermal issues, where performance throttling begins. A new battery will not only get you more run time on your device, but it’ll make it run more seamlessly.

The price of a replacement battery will vary depending on your device, but you definitely won’t be spending as much as you would on a new phone. Make sure to get the replacement from an authorized reseller — counterfeit parts will only worsen the problem. Here are some tips for preserving the lifespan of the new battery and why charging your Android to 100% all the time may be harming it.