//5 Speech To Text Recognition Software That’ll Help You Work Faster (Paid+Free)

5 Speech To Text Recognition Software That’ll Help You Work Faster (Paid+Free)

Being efficient at your work is kind of crucial entity if you want to get success in online business; once you start gaining the output even faster, the chances of saving your time increases. Well, for doing so, you can go through the technology, which is tremendously booming up day by day. Especially in the online medium, it’s not that difficult to give more audience attention. Still, the thing is used to maintain consistency and persistence.

Typing is something which is there from the very beginning of the new era of technology. Well, the humans processing power is not as much, which means you can type the letters, posts, documents, etc. But it has some sort of limitations as your brain is not that capable of handling much speed.

For minimizing the workload and typing load, the technology can help us from scratch; even you don’t have to type individually every single word as you can get the job done just within a while with the help of text recognition software, which is also termed to be a voice to text software. 

What Is Voice To Text Software?

As the name suggests, the voice to text software is the tool for an application that helps you to convert your voice into the text format, or you can say it is the transcription from human sensibility to the computational entity. You just have to give the command to your voice, and it will convert into the words. 

Firstly it was only accessible to the computers, but through the decade, as the technology is consistently improving, especially when it comes to phone sustainability, let me convey that advancement in the phones has reached the top of the stream. And that’s the reason why most of the app developers are still discovering the innovations in their voice to text applications. 

These applications have helped a lot to grow businesses just because the typing consumes too much time, which is being sorted with the help of voice to text software and applications. Also report states that the accuracy of this software is tremendous as they used to serve 99.9% of success rate if the audio is clear, which means the chances of mistakes are negligible. So you get complete flexibility to use the software to get your job done just within a while. 

To let you know, there are tons of voice to text recognition software available on the internet that can be used subsequently for making any kind of documents. But choosing the right amount then is a kind of essential aspect that you cannot ignore at any instance. We’ve shortlisted a few of the best five speech to text recognition software that you can use to maximize your workflow.

We will be discussing both paid and free options available so that you can decide according to your choice. So for now, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

5 Best Voice To Text Recognition Softwares

We’ve categorized the software is in between paid and free, so accordingly, you can opt.

Paid Software 

Following are the list of paid voice to text software:

1. Voxpow


Voxpow is a kind of best and most reliable text recognition tool which will help you to convert your voice into words. The reason I have opted for the Voxpow is just that it offers some of the most convenient features, which might be more helpful for newbies. The accuracy of Voxpow is insane, which means the chances of mistakes are significantly less, so if you want to save much of your time, you can indeed check it out once. 

It is a cloud-based tool that supports more than 100 languages; you can even use it for transcription purposes so you can translate your words into a different language. Voxpow keeps on all of the browsers just because it’s w optimized. Firstly you have to specifically command so that it will listen towards your voice. Usually, the chances of mistakes are significantly less, which makes it one of the most legitimate platforms amongst all.

You get complete flexibility to control the voice commands and the interface, which means you are allowed to select the specific workflow. When it comes to the pricing, let me tell you it is pretty much keen expensive compared to the other competitors.

Pricing: You can buy Voxpox just at $59 for a lifetime, which makes it a deal-breaker, so definitely check it out once. 

2. Verbit


Verbit is considered to be one of the most advanced and legitimate speeches to text and transcription tools out there that used to serve some of the most skillful featured that’ll save much of your time. Even you can use it while reading the article so that your voice will get stored in the cloud, and later on, you can convert it in text format. 

The algorithm of Verbit is quite adequate, which means the background noise is being removed completely to focus on the voice. The advancement of the tool is the key to the success of the tool. You get complete flexibility over the voice to text just because of its accuracy level. So that chances of mistakes get decreased. Though it’s a paid tool, it’s worthy. 

The transcription will help you to convert the language into another, which makes it the scalable tool amongst all. Verbit’s user interface is entirely subjective and user friendly, so even if you’re not used to with the device, it’ll be much easier for you to handle it from scratch, so make sure to check it out. 

Pricing:- The pricing of Verbit stands in between $1 to $3.5 per minute. The pricing depends upon the featured that you need. So definitely give it a try. 

3. Speechmatics


The next pop-ups in our list are the Speechmatics, which is the another best solution for converting your voice into the text through the machine learning. Speechmatics is precisely dependent upon the AI, which means the software allows you to convert the existing video or audio file into a document, which is a good thing. 

The accent is one of the significant issues which is being faced by most of the speech to text tools, but let me tell you all of your queries gets sorted just within a while. Even they support the British accent, which gives you complete flexibility to use the tool all the way across.

The motto of Speechmatics is to serve high-quality services at reasonable rates, so even you’re quite worried about pricing, this is probably one that you should look upon just because it’s pretty inexpensive compared to the other competitors.

Their features are pretty minimal and straightforward, so you won’t face any difficulty while handling it so often, even if you’re not well familiar with the voice to text tools, which makes the good sense to go with this one.

Pricing:- they’ve customized their pricing, so individually you’ll have to opt for the feature that you need.

4. Otter


Otter is One of the most advanced and could base tool/ application which targets all of the mobile and laptop users to use for the conversion of voice into text. Or even you can use it furthermore just as a transcription, which makes the good sense to opt the tool. I must say if you’re willing to get your typing job done only within a while, you should download their mobile application. 

Firstly the Otter was targeting the audience those want to take quick notes for the businesses or the colleges; a bit later onwards to stay away from the competition, they’ve added several features that essentially play a significant role and make it even more useful. 

One of the crucial reasons behind its success is that it comes with both paid as well as a free plan, so you can opt for the one which is required. Also, if you’re not quite used to with the transcription or the speech to text tool, you should opt this one; it’s that easier to handle in case if you haven’t used it before. 

You can organize, share, save the data accordingly just because it’s a cloud-based tool. So make sure to visit their official website to know more about it. 

Pricing:- Otter is free to use, but if you are willing to acquire some more features, you can surely opt for the paid plan, which is available at $8.33/ month, and the team plan is open at $12.50/ month. 

5. Braina Pro


Last but not least, i.e., Braina Pro is the amongst the most legitimate platform which allows you to convert you voice speech into a text, so if you’re worried about the time-saving application/ tool this should be the probably one that you can check out. It supports more than 80 different languages, which makes it the accent friendly tool. 

You can even use it as immediate assistance that’ll get your job done and converts your dictation into the words or text even if you play an ebook that can be easily converted into text. The user interface of the Braina Pro is quite impressive as anyone can handle it primarily like a pro.

Well, I must say it’s well optimized for both mobile users and the PC users so you can handle it accordingly as you get complete flexibility over the application. The Braina Pro also used to serve the free plan but it has certain limitations so you’ll have to acquire their paid plan, which is not that expensive.

Compared to the other competitors I must say this is the one that you should acquire do often to get your transcription and speech to text job done within a while.

Pricing: well you’re free to use this tool but it has certain limitations, so you can always acquire their pro version available at $49/ annum and the lifetime deal is available at $139/ month which makes it a dealbreaker, give it a try.

Free Softwares

Following are the list if free voice to text software:

1. Google GBoard


So it might sound pretty familiar with you just because most probably you might have been heard before or even used before. For the Android user, Google Gboard is one of the most efficient applications which will help you from scratch to convert your voice into text so easily. You just have to download it from the Play Store and acquire the features for free so you don’t have to pay a single penny to use their services.

Firstly the Gboard was launched just with the physical keyboard but at an onwards, I have added the assistant button, which means you will be able to give a command, and it will convert directly into the text, just like you’ve typed it by yourself. Google claims that the Gboard supports up to 16 languages, which gives you the flexibility to use it more often.

But here won’t get the support of transcription, which means you won’t be able to convert one language into different. Still, it might not bother you that much just because it is specifically known for speech to text application that provides you a separate keyboard that can be used subsequently. Also, you get an option of adding the images like a trigger, so flexibility is insane that is required even if it’s a free tool, and that’s what they’re serving you. 

The keyboard also supports various third-party applications, too, which can be integrated with it for maximizing the workflow. So if you’re writing a description or taking notes, Gboard is the best option out there. 

Though it is a free tool so you can expect a few bugs, and accuracy is around 80%, which is acceptable compared to the other free tools and applications available. If that sounds great to you, make sure to check it out once. 

2. Just Press Record


If you are in search of the most advanced speech to text application, then you should opt Just Press Record; the reason behind this is the application consists of various analytics and features that will help you a lot from the basics. You can perform multiple activities like converting speech into text, transcription, and even syncing through the devices with the help of iCloud.

If you want to use their recording feature, you simply have to press that single button, and the recording will be last for a longer time until you press it back; it is that simple. Also, you can use it as a transcription application that will get your job done in case if you want to diversify your language in between. 

The data is being saved in the cloud, so so you can even edit those data accordingly, so even if someone is using it for the first time, undoubtedly, he won’t face any difficulty while acquiring the features. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it for the casual purpose is like taking off the notes for writing a severe content in all of the stream; the features work finally and legitimately. 

Well, it is also ideal for those who are working from abroad just because it supports up to 30 primary languages, so even if you want to switch in between the languages all willing to do the transcription, you are allowed to do so just within a while.

If you’re willing to use the Just Press Record on your iOS device, it’s available at $4.99 in all purchases, so make sure to check it out once to get the most out of it. 

3. Speechnotes


Speechnotes is another free application available on the play store and app store that you can use to convert your voice into text. The reason why it is popular is that they used to serve the minimal set up which means you don’t have to go through the registration process, and you just have to tap on the microphone icon, and that’s it. It’s that simple to use. 

The application Keyboard, which is installed, is being powered by Google so you will get punctuation support over here so increase if something goes wrong while writing, it will automatically detect it and get it correct just within a while. I must say if you want to take quick notes, you can just grab Speechnotes for free and start using it rather than writing the individual text, which takes a lot of time. 

There is a feature of customization, so you can add the quick custom keynotes that you can use while editing the words specifically in the keyboard itself. Even if you have zero knowledge about the assistance, it is way more comfortable to use. And for acquiring the features, you don’t have to pay a single penny. 

Then you can even customize the font size accordingly, so it is one of the most flexible applications available. Though it is free to use for acquiring their premium features, you have to pay specifically. 

4. Transcribe


Transcribe is the next on the go assistant that will get your job done of writing the text just by saying the words precisely. One thing I have noticed that it is straightforward to use even when it is compared with the Google Gboard, so if you are not very familiar with the tool for the voice assistants, you can always Acquire the transcribe to get your transcription job done within a while. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use the transcribe just for taking out the notes for writing some of the essential work in all of the different ways it works finely. When it is free to use the application, so if you are a newbie, this is the most used application, write from your phone itself, so you don’t have to grab your PC always.

As it supports multiple languages so even if you are taking it as a transcription application, it would be a great option to opt accordingly. If you want to avail more custom features in the application, you will have to make a purchase for it, but the free version is more than enough if you just want to use it casually for taking out the notes, so make sure to check it out once. 

5. Windows 10 speech recognition

And here comes the last in our list, i.e., Windows 10 speech recognition, in case if you are worried about the paid speech recognition software and if you don’t want to invest or not in it. You can always open the Windows 10 speech recognition if you are handling the windows device. 

As soon as you go through the application, you will get to know that various custom features are included that you can use to maximize your workflow. Additionally, you can even use their transcription to convert your speech from one language to the other as they support multiple languages. 

So even if you are a newbie it will be much easier for you to handle this application so often. It’s best to compete with the Cortana, so in case you want to convert your different languages into the text, you can do so just with the help of the latest version of Windows 10 speech recognition. Easiness is the key USP of this tool, which is varied over. So give it a try. 

Final Verdict

Well, the number of applications is increasing in all of the stores available out there. But amongst all opting, the tight speech to text application is a big deal. It’s always better to say the words rather than typing it manually which takes too much effort. But as there are tons of applications available, so to let you know, I have shared the list of applications that can be used to maintain the sustainability of your workflow. 

Also categorized, I have listed them accordingly so you can even from the paid and free ones according to your choice. The paid applications usually serve you more value over the free ones, but if you want just to give it a try, you can always begin with the free ones, which are quite efficient. So definitely check them out subsequently.

5 Speech To Text Recognition Software That’ll Help You Work Faster