//4 Ryobi Accessories You’ll Want To Have In Case Of A Storm

4 Ryobi Accessories You’ll Want To Have In Case Of A Storm

Storm prep supplies

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Despite all of the advances in meteorological convenience like weather apps, large storms still have a way of sneaking up on us, suddenly growing in strength as they approach the mainland and leaving everyone scrambling for resources and utilities before the rain blows in. Since storms are so sneaky, the best course of action for you is to ensure you have the right tools and resources well ahead of time so you can react swiftly and decisively when a storm is detected.

In addition to things like clean water and nonperishable food, you should also have a set of storm-ready gadgets and accessories stored in your home that you can bust out at a moment’s notice. This includes things like emergency radios, food preservation and storage, self-contained lighting, and portable power sources. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of these and more, then the Ryobi hardware brand has an attractive catalog of pre, mid, and post-storm prep options.

Compact Bluetooth Radio/Speaker

When the rain starts falling and the wind starts blowing, the internet and Wi-Fi tend to be severely impacted, if not cut off entirely. If you can’t get internet or 5G on your computer or smartphone, you won’t be able to receive important updates on the storm from your local authorities, including flood warnings, shelter orders, the storm’s trajectory, and more. This is why storm prep experts always recommend having an FM radio handy so you can still get updates.

Ryobi’s Compact Bluetooth Radio and Speaker functions primarily as a wireless speaker to sync up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but it also features an FM radio mode that requires no external devices to use. Just use the buttons on the front to tune into your local frequencies, and you can get all the latest updates on the storm and its impacts. With one of Ryobi’s 18V battery packs, the radio can run continuously for up to 32 hours.

LED Area Light

Another classic staple of storm prep is unscented emergency candles for keeping things lit when the power’s out. If there’s a storm in the neighborhood, it can get very dark very fast, even in the middle of the afternoon, so you need to have a reliable light source that doesn’t need to be plugged in so you can go through your storm safety checklist safely. Candles are a little old hat, though – they have a very specific shelf life, and can only be used once. Why not try something a little more modern?

Ryobi’s LED Area Light is a compact lighting solution that can light your way in the darkest moments (metaphorically and literally). The 850 lumen bulb provides clear, bright light to an entire room, and with three power settings, you can customize your light usage to your preferences. The light uses the same 18V battery packs as the rest of Ryobi’s ONE+ system, so if it goes dark, you can just snap on a fresh battery to keep the light coming.

Hybrid Power Cooler

Whenever the power goes out, due to a storm or something else, the refrigerator is probably going to be one of your first big sources of panic. After all, the fridge can hold a week’s worth of perishable food that you’ll have to dump if the power doesn’t come back, and for elderly individuals, it may also be necessary to store vital medications. Unless you’ve got a mini-fridge and a generator handy, everything in there is going to go bad. Luckily, Ryobi’s got a little something that’s a mini-fridge and generator rolled into one.

Ryobi’s Hybrid Power Cooler, while primarily intended for camping and party events like tailgating, makes an excellent emergency food storage solution. The smart digital display can manually cool the 24-quart interior to temperatures ranging from -4 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough to keep the essentials from your fridge nice and cool. Using a pair of 8Ah 18V battery packs, this cooler can operate non-stop for up to 35 hours, more than enough time for the storm to pass and for you to secure some more consistent cooling solutions (or just eat everything).

150-Watt Battery Power Source and Charger

All of the devices we’ve listed here have USB charging ports, allowing them to charge up small devices like smartphones and laptops. However, when you’re in the midst of a storm-induced power outage, it’s less than ideal to go siphoning energy from your vital storm gadgets. Instead of that, a portable power source would be the better option, one with enough juice and muscle to handle both device charging and slightly larger electronics.

Ryobi’s 150-Watt Battery Power Source and Charger is exactly what it says on the tin – a double-action charger for Ryobi’s ONE+ system battery packs and a portable power supply for both USB-connected device charging and a single traditional outlet. With a single 2Ah battery pack, you can get enough energy to fully charge a smartphone three times over. If the power source’s energy runs low, you can snap a fresh battery onto it, or recharge it using a car charger.