//1Password Bolsters Security By Rolling Out Support For Passkeys

1Password Bolsters Security By Rolling Out Support For Passkeys

1Password is a universal password management system designed to be used in just about any virtual ecosystem; be it for protecting valuable company passwords on your work computer, or locking up the apps on your smartphone. The convenience of 1Password’s system has made it a strong player in the consumer cybersecurity scene, but it hasn’t gotten to that point by staying exactly the same. 

Security standards are changing all the time, and in an effort to keep up with those changing standards and user needs, 1Password is looking to go beyond its own namesake. In a new announcement posted to 1Password’s development blog by the company’s Senior Product Manager of Authentication, Travis Hogan, it was revealed that 1Password is upgrading its services to accommodate passkeys in addition to its existing alphanumeric password framework. 

As of today, 1Password users on desktop computers, as well as mobile devices running iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, can save passkeys to their accounts to facilitate faster, more secure logins. Not to mention the app features easy syncing and access between supported and authorized devices.

Passkeys on supported sites and services

As a reminder, a passkey is an external security measure that locks accounts with information that cannot be easily replicated, such as a face lock or fingerprint. 1Password’s new features allow you to quickly determine whether a website or service is passkey compatible, then set up a new passkey using saved information and connected devices. As long as you’ve got the 1Password browser extension and/or mobile app, you can log into your accounts in just a couple of clicks or taps.

“For years, 1Password has given you a safe place to store not only your passwords but everything else that’s important in your life, like credit cards, addresses, and medical records,” writes Travis Hogan. “Now, 1Password is the perfect home for your passkeys too. You can access your new login credentials anytime, anywhere. It’s the passwordless experience done right.”

The passkey functionality is available now on the 1Password iOS app, as well as the 1Password Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Safari browser extensions. Companies using 1Password Business can enable or disable passkey saving via admin options. An updated version of the Firefox 1Password extension will be released at an undetermined later date. 

1Password is currently waiting for the go-ahead from Google to implement the feature into Android mobile devices, which do not currently have full support for passkey APIs.