//10 Marketing Blogs To Follow For Their Expertise & Best Practices

10 Marketing Blogs To Follow For Their Expertise & Best Practices

Blogging/digital marketing is something that requires sustainable practice along with the dedication to learn from others. However, you might have a significant amount of knowledge in marketing and the field; it’s better to learn from the one who is running a legitimate business more successfully.

Even if you are holding a degree in the stream of content marketing and protecting from getting an excessive amount of success, you are in a false dilemma. There are thousands of people all across the globe holding a higher degree but did not have a significant amount of knowledge.

Whereas some of the gems don’t have degrees, I’m pretty successful in the content marketing stream, and that’s just because of practicing the things and learning from the mentors.

But the question might appear in your mind that, which blog to follow?

Nothing to worry about, as we’ve compiled the list of the 10 best marketing blogs that you can follow to get experts in the field.


What Makes Them So Unique?

Millions of blogs all across the globe serve you several info regarding the marketing and content bug; choosing the right one is important. Your subconscious mind is guided in such a way that it believes in the things that usually pop up first.

So if you go through the search engine, it’s filled with various blogs as an example. But the top marketing blogs not only keep you well informed but inspire you in a certain way and let you know about what they did best in their marketing strategy.

So it’s better to take out some spare time and read these blogs to gain an excessive amount of knowledge and build your own strategy.

Following are the list of blogs that you can follow as an inspiration:-



Mention’s blog has a search bar, and its featured images offer you consistency in design. The blog also features categories that are easy to identify across the top. You can easily sort the categories, and you will find “Most Popular” and a “Startup Life” section to see what other readers consider to be most important.

Mention the featured image for each article, shows the estimated reading time.

Many posts follow a “how-to” format, making it simple to implement what you’ve learned in each article. Even posts that don’t contain how-tos will often include a wrap-up section to help you apply what you have read.

Mention hosts webinars that are very closely linked to their blogs. We’re hosting their next webinar together! This Tuesday, January 26th, we’ll be discussing how to let competitors build your marketing strategy.



HubSpot’s marketing blog is almost a mistake. Many modern marketers have learned digital and inbound marketing strategies through HubSpot. Their blog posts on marketing are a constant source of content for customers and target audiences. They also offer hundreds of free resources and marketing certifications.

HubSpot’s many resources have been a great resource for marketers over the years. Many have realized that the “inbound methodology,” which was developed by the company, has become the norm in modern marketing. HubSpot is a great example of marketing automation that works in many ways.

Although not all blog content is related to the product (such as this helpful guide to Microsoft Excel), each piece addresses the needs of its audience. They spend more time on marketing blogs than other marketing blogs, covering topics like marketing news and tech trends. So you can take HubSpot into your considerations.

Disruptive Advertising


The next up on our list is disruptive advertising. The agency specializes in paid search optimization and conversion rate optimization. They have analyzed more than $800 million of ad spending over their entire careers. Disruptive Advertising claims to have audited more than 2,000 Google Ads accounts each year over the past few years. They found that only 12% generate revenue. You can trust them to know the best digital advertising keywords.

Their blog is dedicated to educating readers about best practices in paid search, display ads, LinkedIn ads, retargeting, and Facebook advertising. You can find a lot of blog titles that begin with a number. This lets you know what to expect before you even start reading the article. As per the research, their writers are too innovative in terms of content writing having specializations in several areas.



GetApp offers two blogs to follow and read: their main blog and their “Lab.”

The Lab is focused on “research and analysis to help you choose the right software for your business.” They also offer downloadable trends and a podcast called “GetCast,” which contains relevant information about digital marketing, customer service, and lead generation.

This blog is designed to help readers “discover how you choose the right apps” and is laid out in tiles so that you can search for specific categories. This is especially useful if you are looking for the best project management software. You can also view all articles to date to gain more info about their strategies and workflow.

GetApp hosts more than 5K apps that can be used by businesses. They usually offer info about business apps, including marketing tools, marketing plugins, and marketing software.

The GetApp consists of multiple articles about employee management, customer engagement, sales, analytics, and other topics. GetApp has everything you need to know about apps and the latest tools.



Buffer is considered to be a leader in terms of social media publishing. Buffer’s blog is full of bold, big images that you can share with your social media networks. While their content is simple and humorous, they dive deep into data and analyze it very well.

Buffer’s blog articles can also be used to examine large companies and people who use social media. They break down their strengths and weaknesses, as well as where they could improve. Anyone can use the information to create their own marketing strategy as per convenience.

You’ll find posts about social media marketing, digital market, case studies, as well as posts on news and current trends at Buffer blog. Buffer’s blog posts are extremely detailed and in-depth, covering every topic in great detail. This is the real beauty of Buffer. So definitely check it out.



Hotjar serves you some heat mapping service, which is extremely useful in the post-click landing pages and digital marketing world. They also provide a comprehensive feedback and analytics tool to help marketers make better decisions regarding conversions.

Their blog is focused on education and thought leadership. It also offers solutions to business problems in the entire digital space. Moreover, the case studies serve by HotJar are truly aggressive that’ll let you know more about the companies and their offerings.

So if you’re supposed to start your journey in the same streamline, it’s better to grab a few of the ideas by visiting HotJar.

G2 Crowd Learn Hub


G2 Crowd’s team has access to over 480,000 user reviews for blog content. Their team produces top-of-the-funnel “how-to” and beginner guides such as “What social media marketing is” and “How do you start a company?” as well as software-specific content and best software lists.

The blog covers a broad range of topics, including general technology, marketing and sales, design, productivity, and many other topics. Apart from this, if you belong to the SaaS industry, it might be an additional benefit for you just because they’re amongst the leading company in SaaS.

G2 Crowd’s blog, Learn, is an educational resource that covers various business topics, including sales, marketing, design, and general business topics. This blog contains long-form guides, resource roundups, infographics, and other valuable content. So definitely give it a try.



CoSchedule has two different blogs pattern. The regular blog discusses best practices in blogging and content marketing. It also highlights case studies from popular companies. So if you’re supposed to maximize your knowledge base, then you should definitely check it out.

Apart from this, the product blog serves you the latest updates and cool things to use their product. Their blog titles use brackets around the word “new features” to bring more attention to the content. This helps readers to understand that a specific article is announcing something new they can use to improve their content marketing strategies in a great way.



CXL is considered to be the best place to get practical advice about testing and experimentation. In previous articles, we’ve referred to CXL and Peep Laja many times. Peep and his team always produce high-quality content. For effective results, Shanelle Mullin and Alex Birkett, resident writers, offer both veteran and new markets.

They are a trusted source for conversion optimization in today’s marketing world. You’re missing out if you don’t read the articles by Peep or his team. So make sure to visit them to know every aspect of the marketing and content inertia that’ll surely authentically skyrocket your business.

The Start-up Chat


Most people might consider it to be just an informative blog, but this one technically isn’t a blog. This weekly podcast, hosted by Steli Emti and Hiten Shah, features “unfiltered insight and actionable advice” from the trenches.

Podcasts can be a great resource for marketers trying to figure out the marketing industry. Topics range from content curation and aggregation to blogging for SaaS startups. These podcasts are great for those who prefer to listen to your content rather than read it. SO if you found this to be interesting, you should definitely subscribe to their newsletter for more knowledge about the industry norms.

Final Verdict

Due to the availability of turns of marketing blogs in the market, most people might get confused about which one to listen to. As a creator, we shortlisted a few of the major browsers you can follow to maximize your knowledge in terms of marketing space.

Digital marketing blogs will help you become an expert in the stream of digitalization and maximize The authenticity of your digital marketing journey. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner or a professional blogger, but you should definitely Aqua their newsletter to maintain your knowledge.