//10 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

10 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples

Developing a product video may be a fantastic method to supply helpful information regarding a product and communicate your brand’s essence. If you’re interested in making a product video, look at various other videos to determine what’s worked.

Video is growing in popularity with e-commerce companies. In reality, 97 percent of entrepreneurs state video has helped improve user understanding of the products or services. Through an engaging explainer video, by way of instance, brands may demonstrate more clearly the attributes and value their goods supply in a tiny quantity of time. 

From live presentations to quirky, revived explainers, we have gathered and analyzed ten of their most inspirational and beneficial e-commerce videos.

Here’s a list of hot merchandise videos. You will find videos from online retailers, inspirational merchandise videos from brands, product videos that describe online services, and helpful how-to videos that contain relevant products.

What’s a product video?

A merchandise video clarifies and visually exhibits a product’s concrete advantages. A good deal of merchandise videos often highlights a product’s distinctive attributes. Still, one main thing that differentiates a fantastic product video is how it can show how it solves problems.

What Makes a Great Product Video? Generally, awesome merchandise videos encircle the following:

  • Engaging dialog and narration
  • Professionalism, with no”Furious.”
  • Lengthy sufficient to thoroughly explain the product and its advantages, but brief enough to maintain the viewer’s focus
  • Empathy and relatability

The Way to Make a Product Demo Video

1. Determine your viewers

Has the audience with this video bought with you? Are you introducing a new product or attribute to them? Or is this video reaching individuals who have not ever heard of you? What will this viewer be concerned about? Just how long will they wish to see? What buyer character are you going to be gearing this video for? All these are essential questions to answer.

2. Identify the target

Decide what your video is attempting to reach and what you really would like the viewer to walk off with. What actions do you expect that the viewer takes after viewing your video, and what company needs it to meet?

3. Pick between agency or in-house

Your financial plan will probably determine this choice. In case you’ve got a great deal to work together, interview bureaus will provide you with quotes and innovative pitches for your project.

In case you’ve got a tiny budget, then do not let this dissuade you from developing a video with your iPhone. Utilize what you have and be proud of everything you produce.

4. Decide on a budget and a deadline

Identify your financial plan so that you understand how to proceed. Also, this is the opportunity to place expectations. In case you’ve got a $500 budget, then you are not likely to develop a video on par with Apple’s most up-to-date release – and that is fine.

And do not forget to outline when you want this video to be finished. The enormous budgets could run up against roadblocks if the deadline is too restricted.

5. Pick between cartoon and live-action

A cartoon can occasionally be a bit more affordable than a live-action video. Work in your budget and ability level, and be fair about which choice best highlights precisely what your product can perform and also the extent your job needs.

6. Structure your video

Are you going to tell a story? Highlight pain points? Use visuals or text just? Decide how you would like to convey your target and how you will bring it into life.

If you are working with a creative service or freelance videographer, they might help you specify the construction. If you are going it alone, utilize videos such as those we have listed below to inspire you and determine which format will work best for your merchandise and goals.

7. Produce a marketing strategy

As soon as you’ve taken, edited, and finalized your video, it is time to choose how you discuss it with your viewers. YouTube, your site or campaign landing pages, and particular email campaigns are great stations for distribution.

But do not overlook less obvious changes, such as including your video on your email signature, combining it partner website articles, and integrating it into your sales team’s pitches.

8. Write a script

The script is an essential portion of your video. It defines the tone, rate, and message. Begin with a project short, proceed into a summary, and browse your script, section by section, ensuring it talks to the previously outlined goals.

Call out chances for B-roll during and constantly run a verbal run-through before getting behind the camera.

Why use videos for e-commerce?

Google Love Videos: And that’s a sweet, brief truth you want to create peace with, once possible. Google likes and prioritizes people who put videos using their merchandise. Videos assist them in ranking better on search engines.

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Based on Forbes, “90% of clients report that merchandise videos help them make buying decisions.” You can mitigate remarks, but it’s tough to ignore facts! Fortunately for you, online retailers have only begun benefitting from pictures to videos. So you’ve still got plenty of time together with you to choose the enormous decision and deliver a shift.
  • Get shared: Everyone likes to observe excellent videos. However, what’s great about videos is that they are super tacky and often clicked and shared. Unlike extended twisting texts, videos are easy to see and procedure.
  • Save Time: Envision prospects visiting your opponents’ website, spending a great deal of time living more than graphics, and studying copies. In all honesty, nobody has that sort of time together. Most of us would like to be efficient and quick around the purchases we make. Replace the pictures and replicate them with videos today to assist your prospects in determining information quicker.

Now that we’ve observed how significant videos are for any eCommerce to cultivate and prosper, let’s look at the manufacturers who have done it correctly. It can help you find out tips and secrets to blow past your opponents.

1. Nine Line

This casually dressed-up guy shows up and begins appearing bottles after bottles of alcohol onto the floor. His unnatural behavior intrigues and causes you to wonder, “Wait for another, what’s happening here!” It is the way Nine Line has you spent in their product narrative.

He is seen wearing a hoodie with a trendy pocket at the front in the next shot. What’s nice about this hoodie is that its enormous front pocket could accommodate his palms together with the beer bottles that he was crashing some time ago. The message is clear, no longer smashing the bottles as soon as you’re able to own Hoodies with large pockets readily.

2. Naturally Curly

For these, the child is the apparent winner! The video begins with Him playing with his curls. Nothing gets my attention better than a small child having a head full of curls! Looking at me, grinning and answering a common good personally: how great is naturally curly?

The 1 question that keeps me at the video, “Hey, what is that little child doing on the monitor?” Narration is eloquent, engaging, and on stage! The kid there knows what to do! He replies to every question for you simply by giving his hair a tight shake.

3. Man Crates

Consumers want to know what they’re likely to get, so show them exactly what they need! It is trendy to demonstrate that the unboxing procedure for a new technology product, such as a brand new iPhone, but Person Crates has made a great gift wrapping that’s well worth watching unpacking.

4. Training Mask

This item video educates the preceding one; however, unlike a how-to video, a product-in-use one does not clarify how a purchaser can utilize it; these videos exhibit a joyful person using the product intention to fascinate watchers and allow them to buy the item. Only watch the video containing the coaching mask. Do not you wish to purchase it and proceed on a practice to seem like those sportsmen?

5. KAP7

KAP7, an internet water polo gear retailer, leads professional video product testimonials as a factor resulting in 30 percent year-over-year earnings growth. The center of the video approach is a complex set of consumer personas, including parents, coaches, or athletes of any age.

Alex Young (KAP7 General Manager) stated, “To be able to market to every client type, we utilize commodity reviews from both buyers in addition to professional video product reviews,” he explained. “We also supply drills and excursions and collaborate with national team athletes and coaches to educate regarding the game.”

For professional video product reviews, look at this case starring both KAP7 co-founders, which can also be accomplished water polo athletes.

The motive video works so well is because:

  • People are visual creatures.
  • We procedure video quicker than text.
  • Video taps into multiple senses (hearing and sight ), which can help strengthen the message within our heads.

Additionally, it is easier to tell a heart-warming narrative in a brief time. It’s possible to create individuals feel using video and envision your goods in their hands. That is much harder to perform with text.

In summary: merchandise video promotion works pretty damn well (when done correctly ). So how can you get it done”right”? To begin with, you have to understand what you are generating.

6. Dorco USA

What is unusual in contrast to some brick-and-mortar shops is that the products are not branded. Dollar Shave receives their razors out of Dorco USA, which has a great rep, but you can purchase yourself directly for much less. Instead, packaging and extras tie into the pragmatic aesthetic of Dollar Shave Club.

Many subscription services provide couture, handmade products hefty with nostalgia. Dollar Shave Club wins out by putting value front and center and performing it with humor and confidence.

The unboxing experience is not ordered: you receive an envelope, and there is no particular order for carrying out the contents. While the procedure for unboxing is not super complicated, it managed to draw 10,800 Youtubers to picture the process, and it reveals how the key to its success is that it is so minimal.

Dollar Shave Club has a terrific unboxing encounter despite keeping prices low and does not offer many extraneous packaging, handwritten notes, and ordered boxing.

7. Onzie

There is Onzie, a business that sells activewear, yoga, and exercise apparel.

They have a “video” page on their website that includes about 20 videos of their products in action. The one in the very top functions as an introduction and contains a few of the most well-known products. It is only a moment longer, short and sweet, and fast gives shoppers a notion about what they can anticipate.

Onzie does a fantastic job in zooming in carefully with the textures of the products so that you may see precisely how high quality they’re. It is a simple yet highly effective approach to showcase e-commerce goods and can have a massive effect on your overall conversion speed.

Merely using them on your website will help bring in visitors from search engines. And if you place them on other sources like relevant niche websites and societal networks, it is possible to bring in much more traffic.

8. Redsbaby

Redsbaby is a business that specializes in ultra-high quality infant strollers and bassinets. They have done an exceptional job of leveraging YouTube to build buzz around their brand.

Within this video, to get a stroller known as the JIVE, they point out some particular characteristics that differentiate its product from competitors and perform an exceptional job of presenting everything. It’s short at just under three minutes and helps audiences understand the intricacies of their JIVE and feel much more comfortable making a purchase.

Given that YouTube had approximately two billion users as of late 2019, you may use it as a platform to connect with any demographic. And do not believe you have to get a huge budget and fancy video gear.

9. SISU Mouthguards

SISU Guard has among the best-designed e-commerce sites in regards to Sports. Their site is categorized into segments to make it much easier for people to skim through their interest classes. The minimalist design helps maintain the focus on the item.

10. Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs is an excellent illustration of website layout to take inspiration from. Their eye-catching professional photography and user-friendly site give an equal balance between a fresh aesthetic and a responsive design. The website includes a sense of experience and liveliness through the attractive photos with this e-commerce shop.


An explainer video may be a decisive advantage for a new, particularly for exceptional products, or require a novel approach within their business. Videos demonstrate that the product’s worth, remain as short as possible, concentrate on successful visuals, and use an authentic fashion are likely to be prosperous.

Realistically, we are not saying that to be successful, you will need to perform them all at once. All these are ideas to begin executing over time. Most companies start with merchandise videos and video advertisements and later proceed to several kinds of videos to earn more sales.

When there’s one thing which people leave you with — test, reevaluate, and examine a few more. Video production is a skill like any other, and you must know what works for your audience and what does not. Ensure you’ve got a measuring strategy set up for every single video so that you may double back on the components that resonate with your audience and avoid those which don’t.

It’s time to choose your company to another level by capitalizing on the ability of videos. If you do not know already, here’s a sweet little reality: Google loves Videos. It hastens and prioritizes those using videos to describe their content. For this reason, you’d do your company a great deal of good by getting videos to your merchandise.

Video advertising is a lot simpler than it was, and there’s no reason that you also cannot take your company to another level with the ability of video!

10 Best Ecommerce Product Video Examples